Banana & Chocolate Loaf

This is one of my favourite recipes to make, I find this recipe is so easy and quick to make, and always comes out great. Its great for using up left over bananas and also left over chocolate if you happen to have it.    

Peanut Butter Brownies

This is such a rich and indulgent recipe, you will only manage the one square of brownie. The flavours of salty peanut butter with the sweet chocolate brownie is amazing. Just remember don’t overcook this one and make sure the centre is nice and goooey.    

Chocolate & Cherry Tart

This is rich chocolate tart is great for a dinner party dessert, rich chocolate paired with sharp cherry works really well. The recipe is really easy to follow and looks fantastic when served.

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies

This recipe is perhaps one of the best brownie recipes I’ve found, the brownies are really moist and gooey. We’ve added raspberries into these brownies, but you can add anything you fancy really, try walnuts, salted caramel or even Cadbury’s cream eggs.